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Frequently Asked Questions

SoCal Java proudly sources only USDA Certified Fair Trade Organic from local Southern California coffee bean roasters.

How does the service work?

You call us and we install your machine anywhere you want. We fill it with fresh coffee beans, premium milk and specialty-mix powers, hook it up to a water source and you're ready to serve up to 12 varieties of espresso-based coffee beverages at the push of a button. Depending on use, we clean, service, maintain and fill the machine at least once a week, more if it's used more often.

Is this a vending machines?

Not really. Our machines are small, sleek and cool looking. Unlike a bulky vending machine, it looks great anywhere, even on your showroom with clients. Only the largest of the three models, the 525, can be configured to accept cash, coin and credit card to dispense a beverage. The small (125) and medium-size (325) machines cannot. Most of our clients use the machines on free-dispense mode, meaning clients and employees can dispense a beverage any time they want it for free. This is great to impress clients with a quality of coffee that is as good or better than your local coffee house at a fraction of the price. It's also great for cultivating happy, productive employees who will not only appreciate you providing the service, it will keep them at the office during their breaks and not in line at the local coffee house.

How do pay for the service?

Clients who choose the free-dispense option receive an invoice at the end of each month with a tally of all beverages dispensed. The built-in computer panel keeps track of all use. The amount you pay is based on how much you use the machine for the month.

Which of your three machines is best?

Some clients like the largest unit, the 525, because it has additional beverage options and capabilities such as the LCD monitor that can be used to display photos, video and text for internal advertising, reminders to employees, etc. Others like the medium-size 325 machine because of its smaller form factor. The 125 machine is popular for smaller break rooms with ample counter space. Each machine operates the same way - each cup ground fresh from whole beans at the push of a button.

How does this machine compare to the drip coffee machine in our break room?

Drip coffee machines are common and are certainly a company's least expensive option. But you get what you pay for. The coffee produced is inferior because each serving is not ground fresh to order. The coffee sits around, gets cold and much gets wasted each day. And who likes to buy the coffee, fill the filter, start the machine, remember to turn it off and clean it each day? And what about setting up the sugar, stirrers, creams and cups? It's a hassle.

My office loves our Keurig. Why should we consider your machine over that?

A Keurig is better than a drip coffee maker for sure, but the pods are expensive, not exactly biodegradable and somebody has to buy and stock them at the machine as well as fill the water and keep the machine clean. The coffee in the pods isn't ground fresh and you don't get anywhere near the variety we offer. The worse part of a Keurig in a work environment are the pods that tend to go missing, adding to your already-high costs.

Why no contracts?

We are confident you will love our service, but more importantly, we want the service to work for you and to meet your needs. As such, we don't want you tied down to something that isn't helping your business. Our clients can cancel at anytime.

Why do you only use USDA Certified Organic Fair Trade beans?

Because they are the best beans you can buy and the certification ensures that smaller coffee farms can make a profit, expand their businesses and keep providing the best coffee beans in the world. We proudly source our beans from Klatch Coffee Roasting Company in Rancho Cucamonga.

How do we get started?

Call or email us for more information and schedule your free 2 day, no-obligation trial offer today!